March 20, 2015 hanworthhouse

My Time At Hanworth – A Country Girls Perspective

LeahLiving in the country has its challenges. Being told at 27 weeks pregnant that I would need to move to Brisbane to wait out the impending arrival of my twins caused immediate panic. The list of accommodation requirements was complicated and extensive; security for a young female, an ensuited room, a car space close by, location only minutes from the mater for emergencies, no lock in lease (just incase the twins came early) and most importantly – other people around. Where would I find such an option? 109 Lytton Road was the answer. Hanworth House had it all! After my initial phone call to Marisa I knew it was the place for me. Not only did Marisas kind tone and welcoming nature reassure me that I would be well looked after, she also took the time to inform my husband and family that I would be in safe hands whilst away from them during this important time. My mother was able to stay with me towards the end of my time at Hanworth. We were able to enjoy two splendid weeks of shopping for the babies in the city, sunset drinks on the verandah (non alcoholic for me!) and spontaneous dinners with our other residents. All before things became a little crazy with two precious new borns in our life. I will always treasure this special “girly” time spent with her and have Hanworth to thank for this memory. As my husband arrived in Brisbane on the eve of the birth to escort me from Hanworth to the Mater, I must admit to feeling a little unsettled as we drove out of those beautiful gates. Although I was terribly excited about what lay ahead for Angus and I and also about the return to the country, I found myself encompassed by that uncomfortable “leaving home” feeling. I had really settled in by this point and had made this wonderful environment my home for nearly two months. I will most certainly be using Hanworth House for my future visits to Brisbane and also know that Marisa, Michelle, Anita and Jozsef have become my friends. What an achievement this house is for Marisa and her family and I thank you for looking after me at such a delicate time in my life. A magical time I will cherish and never forget.