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Hanworth stands resplendent in her former 19th Century beauty after repairs, renovations and captivating restorations by owner Marisa Vecchio (2012). It fast became apparent that the system for identifying rooms for tenants from the Hospice days—plain old room numbers—begged for similar modernisation and upgrade as Hanworth began niche operations as accommodation for professionals.  Marisa envisioned that room names rather than numbers would add richness to the experience of living at Hanworth. The original idea was to name each room after  women who have somehow been linked to Hanworth's history. Charged with the job of finding those women, Marisa's friend Shelley Fitzgibbons immersed herself in the home's history, embarking on a research project that uncovered a history and heritage dripping with a richness and abundance none could have imagined. Shelley became fondly referred to as Hanworth's "Accidental Historian". 


The House, its residents and the intertwining of social and political environments over the years have revealed a seemingly endless pool of worthy women. A fascinating world of pioneering greatness and philanthropic values, friendship and family values, and most prominently the enduring human spirit that, despite adversity, never gives up. Such is the Hanworth spirit. Enter the fascinating world of the Rooms of Hanworth and perhaps even find the room you would choose for your own stay.  Come journey through Hanworth's halls! 


More details will be coming soon ….

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