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Labels on the Lawn is a charitable event that provides an opportunity for fashion lovers to shop pre-loved and new designer clothing while supporting Women's Legal Service Queensland's mission to assist women and children impacted by domestic violence. The event is aimed at promoting sustainable fashion practices and pushing back against fast-fashion, a trend that contributes to environmental damage and poor working conditions for garment workers. 


This annual event is hosted by the team at Hanworth House, alongside a group of passionate volunteers who have a shared vision of making a positive impact in their community. Our team and volunteers work tirelessly in the months leading up to the fashion extravaganza to assess, sort, hang and price every single item (of which there are thousands!) ready for the big day. The event features a range of pre-loved and new designer clothing, shoes, and accessories donated by generous members of the community and local boutique stores.


The event is a celebration of fashion, community, and social responsibility. It provides an opportunity for people to make a positive impact while also enjoying a fun and rewarding shopping experience.


The proceeds from the sale of these designer items go directly to supporting the crucial work of Women's Legal Service Queensland, a leading community service that offers free legal and welfare support to women and children affected by domestic violence. Domestic violence is a pervasive issue that affects millions of people globally, and the work of WLSQ is essential in providing support to those in need.


WLSQ is a not-for-profit and for-purpose organisation that provides free legal advice and support services to women across the state who are experiencing domestic violence, financial abuse, sexual abuse, and child protection traumas. The organisation is committed to building a future free of discrimination and violence against women, where every woman receives fair and equitable outcomes from social and legal systems.


WLSQ relies on donations to support its work, which is carried out by its staff and many volunteers. The organisation's frontline workers  and volunteers are available to answer phone calls from women in need on the statewide helpline, but due to current capacity, 30% of calls remain answered. Donations are vital to keep these services running and support those affected by domestic violence.


Due to the extravagance of the day, to ensure that those who attend not only pick up some amazing fashion  and designer deals but also thoroughly enjoy their time, our list of expenses are quite extensive and so do not to make a profit on ticket sales. The largest fundraising stream is the sale of merchandise on the day itself, however we are also very busy in the background creating additional avenues for people to donate, get involved and get excited. 


In the weeks leading up to the event, we host Instagram Auctions, where we take the stand-out donated items and give followers the opportunity to bid to win. These auction items alone can raise anywhere from $200 - $5,000 for WLSQ. This also broadens our reach, allowing anyone outside of Brisbane to participate in the fun.


Additionally, generous businesses donate their products and we collate a Designer Raffle for ticket buyers to win 4-6 prizes, valued at thousands of dollars as well as one 'priceless' raffle prize.


From its conception in 2020 to our most recent event in 2023, Labels on the Lawn has raised a total of $492,722 so far.

Labels on the Lawn 2024
Sunday 13th October

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