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10 Creative and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Your Loved Ones Will ACTUALLY Want

It's no secret that the team at Hanworth House LOVE a celebration, the only thing we adore more is surprising those we love. And we are all about the gifts we know will get great use out of rather than immediately ending up in the re-gifting cupboard. If you're like us, this holiday season has probably snuck up on you as well. So here is our list of top 10 most loved creative and unique gifts this year to help speed through your Christmas shopping.

Allure by EPIC gift packs

Take the worry out of bad hair days (especially with our dreadful humidity) and make sure your loved one always has a great hair day, with the cute holiday packs from our favourite haircare specialists. Starting from $40, you can get the best limited edition packs for the holiday season. From Nak to Orilab, Wella and GHD you'll find the perfect pack to tame any mane!

Unique Wearable Foodie Favourites by The Food Imposter

Don't worry we don't mean wear in the messy kind of way! The ever talented May is the genious behind this unique form of art. From your childhood favourite Tiny Teddies to pizza and chocolate freckles it's garunteed that if you can eat it you can also have it on your ears, keys or books! We are especially obsessed with the Christmas edition Tiny Teddies.

The Everlasting Gift at Hanworth House

Show your love by dedicating a plaque on the Hanworth white picket fence to someone you cherish.

With varying sizes you can write your own dedication and include a picture, if you wish, to stand tall on the picket fence forever (*forever while we manage Hanworth at least). The picket gift comes with an unveiling celebrated with champagne, what better way to say I love you. And it even gets better, all proceeds of the pickets will benefit Women's Legal Service Queensland's mission against domestic violence.

Perfect Summer Gift from Une Piece

It's no secret that summer is hot, hot, hot in Brisbane! What better way is there than to spend the holiday season at the beach or by the pool. Make sure those you love are doing it in absolute style with our favourite swimwear! The perfect gift for a Brisbane summer. And if you act quickly, they still have 30% off!

Give A New Creative Skill With The Ultimate Foodies From Lumiere

Who doesn't love a meal from the people who bring you Australia's Best French Restaurant, Montrachet and Mica Brasserie? Well now it gets even better, you can learn to cook these incredible dishes (and much more) at Brisbane's most spectacular cooking school. With state-of-the-art appliances and stunning views, it really is an experience to remember.

A Chance To WIN The Ultimate Prize

Forget lottery tickets with their 1 in 45 million chances to win, why not give your loved ones a 1 in 1800 chance to win a $60,000 McKinney Australian South Sea Pearl Collection, a masterpiece of jewellery that defines luxury and refinement. This extraordinary set, valued at a breathtaking $60,000, is not merely an accessory; it's a statement of unrivalled beauty and sophistication. With all proceeds benefitting Women's Legal Service Queensland and their mission against domestic violence. While you're getting tickets to become the favourite person in the world, why not also get yourself a chance to win.

Getting That Much Needed Beauty Sleep With slip

Does your pillowcase reduce frizz, tangles and fine lines? Didn't think so! Changing our pillowcases to slip changed our lives (and sleep). You will be the ultimate friend by giving the gift of beauty AND sleep all in one. With holiday gift packs now is the perfect time to give the gift of sleep to a loved one (and yourself!).

Entry To LOUDEST Celebration Of The Year

Let's Get Loud Gala Lunch is back for 2024! Stop rubbing your eyes, yes you read that right. The most exciting, entertaining and enjoyable lunch is back February 2024. With fashion parades, entertainment, fine food, luxurious raffles and auctions, you will make anyones Christmas with tickets to this event. See you there!

For The Sweettooth In The Family (Or Office)

Australia's most luxurious candy, sourced from all over the world, not available anywhere else in Aus. Gifting these adult only treats (yes the chocolates are alcoholic!) to your friends, family and collegues will surely get you on Santa's nice list permanently. These unique gift boxes with the worlds tastiest sweets from Bellini Hearts to caramel coated shots of whiskey. Use code HANWORTH to get 20% off orders over $20.

Wine Not?

It's a traditional go to for a reason, everyone loves a good splash of grapes. And Tessera Wines are one of our favourite drops. This amazing Australian winery has the best gift packs to make Christmas special. Not sure where to start, we can't go past the 'For the Love of Bubbles' gift pack with free postage. Cheers!

Before you say it, yes I can count and I know this makes number 11 but we are counting wine as one topic. And speaking of wine if you love a bundle discount we can't go past Wine Direct. With the biggest discounts I have ever seen, when buying a dozen bundle. Wine Direct is perfect for Christmas catering and making you look like a star.

You can't go wrong with any of the above shopping journeys and now is the best time to get online shopping so you have everything in time for Christmas. Keep in mind this year's cut off to get your gifts delivered by Santa's little helpers at Australia Post is Monday 18th December 2023. If you miss that deadline, don't fret there are always the cute items in the Hanworth Charity shop with all proceeds benefitting Women's Legal Service Queensland. All items are available for click and collect directly from Hanworth House.


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