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Tilly Does Aspen!

Updated: May 4, 2021

I always thought that physical sports would be beyond me. But I was wrong! I love skiing – and, even more so, I love the après ski life and Aspen too!

Such a gorgeous town – and so used to superstars, that I was hardly noticed at all. So refreshing!

So thought I would share with you a day in the life of a Superstar (tea cosy) at Aspen.

Each day started out at the beautiful breakfast buffet – bagels being my personal preference!

Usually we would catch up on the news and get the snow report for the day

I love to read what Bill Cunningham is reporting on in NYC as our next destination. Can you believe all the snow that is there! But that man – I adore him, he makes the most of the fashion on the street, regardless of the weather! My life’s desire is to run into him in his blue coat and all. Bill strikes me as a gentle soul who would accept me just the way I am! And for those of you who have not yet lived – you must check out the documentary which we adore!

My favourite quote from that movie about him, above all others is;

"Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life." Bill Cunningham

Bravo BC – we love you!


Usually, if I behaved myself, The Chatelaine and Miss HH would take me with them up the mountain. I am not fussy – I love them all – AJAX, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass, the scenery took my breath away!

When we are on Aspen Highlands we have an absolute favourite spot which is having lunch (fondue or raclette) at Cloud Nine. The view is to die for and they have a great approach to champagne on ice – although we don’t drink and ski! If I get a bit bored while the girls ski, I ramp up the adventurer in me and ask the boys to take me for a spin on this machine.

We come in late afternoon and usually manage a spot of shopping, this trip the girls took me to Prada (for some window shopping) – the Prada folk were very nice to me and photographed me with all their high end retail goods! I fraternised extensively at Kate Spade with all the displays! These gorgeous sunglasses are coming home with us the Chatelaine said she loved them – but I reminded her that she only loved them because they matched my complexion perfectly!

On our journey we came across this gorgeous quirky little shop in Aspen, there were a few interesting additions to the Aspen shops this time. In January, Colorado became the first state in the nation to legalise sales of recreational marijuana so, as a result, a number of interesting shops have sprung up! We didn’t need to pay a visit though because, if we needed a pick me up, a latte and espresso at Peach’s is just the thing!

Miss HH is usually so mean to me (I put it down to sibling Rivalry) but here is a photo proof that she isn't always so mean, a captured moment of us as friends! However nice, it was short-lived within 5 minutes her demeanour changed and she threatened to toss me in the trash! She decided that was too radical and then threatened to send me home instead. But as Miss HH refused to pay for first class, I refused to go! Thankfully these boys intervened and now I owe my life to the darling ski concierge at the hotel.

To celebrate we went to the newest and our most favourite place in town. We went there twice – just LOVED LOVED LOVED it. On one of the nights we were in Aspen the Superbowl (have you heard of it?) was on, the entire town stopped whilst the Patriots and Seahawks went head to head. I was more excited by the fact there was cake and Katy Perry sang at half time! She was amazing!

On our last night, I had been so well behaved (for a superstar), the girls invited me for a special event – SMORES at their own special fire pit. Miss HH did a spectacular job as the Chef de Smores, while I guarded the treasure ie. the smores kit !

I just loved every minute of my week in Aspen and cannot wait to come back – ski bunnies may as well move over, because ski cosies are the new black in Colorado! Or maybe the new purple at least!

Stay tuned for NYC!

Tilly xxx

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